Positive Screen Time for Children

Young children are increasingly computer literate, they love to spend time online and many parents and schools invest in apps and programs to support and extend academic learning. Why not take some screen time and use it to develop their social and emotional learning?

Some great examples of free or low-cost online providers that offer interactive resources include:  

GoNoodle’s ‘Think About It’ and ‘Flow’ channels.

ClassDojo’s animated videos targeting aspects of social and emotional learning.  

Cosmic Kids mindfulness, relaxation and yoga taught through stories.

Headspace meditations developed especially for children.

Smiling Mind meditation and mindfulness practices for youth.

If you know of other free or low-cost online providers that offer activities to promote children’s social and emotional development, please share them below!

Published by Improve My Well-being

Laura is an experienced mentor and teacher, with a MSc Applied Positive Psychology (Distinction). She enjoys living and working in multicultural environments and is passionate about promoting social well-being. Blogging is her outlet to share and explore well-being initiatives and practices with as many people as possible.

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