Strength Map

Strength Map

This is a simple but effective way to prompt reflection and discussion on your recent use of personal strengths. The visual element highlights concrete times you have used a strength and allows you to reflect on: how you did this, what the outcome was as well as identify what other factors (e.g. social support) may have contributed to you overcoming a challenge/difficulty. You could complete this activity on your own, with a trusted friend or a professional coach.


Identify a specific period in recent time – e.g. the last week, month or even year – and begin to draw a line mapping out the highs and lows of this period. E.g. a straight line represents a time when things are ‘normal’, a peak a time when things are going really well and a dip a time when things are particularly challenging/difficult.

Discussion/Reflection Points

What did you learn in the dips? What strengths did you utilise? How did you overcome or work through difficulties/challenges? How could you harness these strengths in the future when facing other periods of difficulty? How have you developed resilience?

You could also use the same activity to reflect on and discuss the peaks in your map – what created them, what strengths did you use to get there and how did these events make you feel? Savour these peaks and the positive emotions they created.

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Laura is an experienced mentor and teacher, with a MSc Applied Positive Psychology (Distinction). She enjoys living and working in multicultural environments and is passionate about promoting social well-being. Blogging is her outlet to share and explore well-being initiatives and practices with as many people as possible.

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