Hi everyone,

welcome to the blog ‘Improve My Well-Being’ – I’ll be exploring lots of issues linked to well-being, often (not always) with a positive psychology influence, and sharing ways we can enhance and appreciate aspects of life.

For those of you working in education or who are parents, I’ll also be looking at how we can create more of a balanced approach so that academics, character and the well-being of children are equally developed and valued.

I’m new to blogging – I decided to get into it as I enjoy writing and it’s a great way to share topics and ideas with others. Over the last month I’ve been learning a lot from the blogging community with all the interesting posts out there!

A little bit about me… I’m a thirty-something year old living in London after recently moving back from the UAE, where I worked for ten years between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

My professional background is in education and I’ve taken a sabbatical to complete a master’s in Applied Positive Psychology, after developing an interest in it over the last few years. The last ten months have made me break out of my comfort zone, as it turns out (who would have guessed) a sabbatical, moving countries and using your brain in a completely new way is both refreshing and challenging…

Your comments and feedback on the blog are welcome and appreciated – I hope you enjoy exploring topics with me!