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Evidence based and interactive well-being and resilience tools for all age groups. These cards generate discussion and prompt action.

Strengths Cards

An essential resource for any practitioner of positive psychology, the Strengths Cards can be used in one-to-one or group work. With innovative exercises, the Strengths Cards always leave participants excited and eager to learn more.

Each card contains an innovative photo and the name of the strength on the front side as well as the questions that can be used to identify this strength, its descriptions and suggestions to both activate it and develop it further on the back. With 50 strengths in the pack, the full scope of the current scientific knowledge about strengths is covered.

Let’s Play Strengths

24 child friendly cards representing the 24 universal character strengths identified by research in positive psychology. A game to get to know one another by discovering and developing one’s strengths, to appreciate the strengths of others and to promote authentic and positive relationships.

When we use strengths, we are authentic (our true self), full of energy and we perform well. Knowing one’s strengths builds self-confidence because it contributes to developing a positive image of oneself. It also enables a better understanding of other people and the ability to view others from a strength’s perspective.

Positive ACTIONS Cards

Build your well-being skills and develop your psychological potential using evidence-based validated positive psychology interventions.

Organised into seven categories around the acronym of ACTIONS (Active, Calming, Thinking, Identity, Optimising, Nourishing and Social interventions), these attractive and informative cards provide detailed suggestions of how to build new positive habits in your life. An essential resource for any positive psychology practitioner, these cards can be utilised in any coaching or training setting, in one-to-one or group work and for personal application.

The Happiness Box

Help your children to develop skills for happiness AND build a positive family or classroom environment using validated positive psychology interventions.

Based on the latest research and practice of positive psychology, The Happiness Box consists of 42 cards, divided into 7 ‘families’ of 6 cards each. These fun cards can be used to play three different games – from more traditional ‘Happy Families’ or ‘Go Fish’ to facilitating daily actions that contribute to a positive mindset, such as mindfulness, savouring, expressing positive emotions, realising one’s strengths or acquiring confidence and optimism.