Teacher. Trainer. Consultant.

With over fifteen years’ experience in education and a Msc in Applied Positive Psychology, my work champions a balanced approach to the development and value of academics, character and well-being.

Staff Workshops

Develop the well-being and resilience skills of school staff through interactive and informative workshops.  Content covers both the teaching of student well-being and the promotion of positive staff well-being. Sessions can be held as part of an INSET day, staff or twilight meetings and may also be delivered remotely. Areas include:

Staff Well-being

  • Personal well-being
  • An introduction to Positive Psychology
  • Positive Psychology Interventions
  • Workplace well-being

Student Well-being

  • An introduction to Positive Education
  • Integrating Positive Education into your school
  • Building a well-being and resilience toolkit

School Staff, After School Providers & Youth Workers

Looking for an innovative way to boost confidence, inspire prosocial action and motivate young people to engage in their community? Maac Youth is an interactive program that can be easily adapted for different ages (11+) designed by a team of researchers and educators using the fundamental principles of engagement, altruistic motivation and behaviour change.

Embodying the 21st Century Skills and encouraging a global citizenship mindset, Maac Youth enables every young person to engage with and impact their world in a way that is meaningful to them. Maac Youth guides participants through a series of structured exercises and activities to create small, personalised projects with positive impact.

This is a new and exciting opportunity for educational institutions to become leaders in youth led community engagement. Online training allows educators to deliver the Maac Youth Program to young people in schools and other settings. It includes:

Personalised training

  • Interactive Masterclass
  • Personalised supervision
  • Access to weekly drop-in sessions

Ready to implement workshops

  • Facilitator manual
  • Participant worksheets
  • Slide templates for workshops

Ongoing support

  • Online resources and exercises
  • Community of educators
  • Regular program updates