Below is a simple activity designed to encourage a more appreciative outlook. Engaging with this may help to increase your awareness of the good things that happen around us. Research suggests that the ability to acknowledge the good things in our lives is linked to higher well-being – people who show and express gratitude tendContinue reading “Appreciation”

Positive Psychology Websites

If you’re interested in learning more about positive psychology and the science of well-being, below are twelve key sites to get you started. Each cover a range of topics and also often offer both academic and practical resources that you can pick and choose from, depending on your personal interests.   If you want toContinue reading “Positive Psychology Websites”

Little Boosts

This is a simple and easy opportunity to enhance positive emotions, connection and show appreciation and kindness towards people you care about. It can be used as a one-off activity or over the course of a week. If you find it successful you can revisit it and try it with someone new! Equipment Post itContinue reading “Little Boosts”

Useful Well-being Apps

There are many different ways to improve our well-being. Apps provide a convenient and accessible alternative for those who are on the move or simply prefer interactive technology over more traditional methods. With so many well-being ideas out there where do you start? Below are seven of my favourite tried and tested low cost orContinue reading “Useful Well-being Apps”

Talking strengths

If you’ve taken time to identify your personal strengths through reflection, talking to others or using one of the strengths tools available, you’ll probably be thinking – what now? One activity that could be beneficial is talking about your strengths with someone you trust. Talking about ourselves in a positive way and highlighting what weContinue reading “Talking strengths”