The Psychology of Choice

The text below comes from an article written by Pr. Ilona Boniwell which originally appeared on her Positran consultancy website. Pr. Boniwell is an expert and leading figure in Positive Psychology and we regularly collaborate on wellbeing education projects. It’s a commonly held belief that choice means freedom, freedom leads to well-being and that asContinue reading “The Psychology of Choice”

Anxiety and Children

The post below is taken from GoZen! (20/02/20) and is by Renee Jain (Founder). GoZen! offers lots of paid interactive and animated social and emotional learning programs for children aged 5-15yrs as well as a range of free weekly printables that can be emailed directly to you. It could be a useful resource to addContinue reading “Anxiety and Children”

Stress and Anxiety

What can we do when we feel stressed or anxious? This post suggests how we can start to identify what’s making us feel this way and how to channel our energy into proactively beginning to address this. It’s important to note that there’s a huge range of different levels of stress and anxiety felt byContinue reading “Stress and Anxiety”


Satisfaction Satisfaction. What does it mean to you? Enough, just right, perfect? What does it take to make you satisfied? Are you someone who takes decisive action when you’ve found something that you’ve been looking for (let’s say a bike) or do you wait until you’ve assessed all the options out there to make sureContinue reading “Satisfied?”