Failure – a word which tends to be associated with not being good enough, or being unsuccessful. For some it might bring feelings of embarrassment, anxiety, a lack of confidence or even anger. Children are affected by the way adults react to their perceived failures and watch how we handle our own personal failures. WeContinue reading “Failure”

Developing A Child’s Strengths

Building up self awareness, confidence and resilience is a key part of positive child development. One way to do this is to make children aware of their personal strengths and how they can regularly use them. Talking about strengths A useful way of starting the conversation about strengths is to ask children to think aboutContinue reading “Developing A Child’s Strengths”

Mindfulness – Teacher Training and Curricula

Mindfulness trains the mind to be aware of what is happening in the moment rather than dwelling on what has already happened or what may happen in the future. It provides us with techniques to note, manage and accept our emotions and enhances our ability to focus. The benefits of regular mindfulness practice are wellContinue reading “Mindfulness – Teacher Training and Curricula”


Play, how do we define it and what benefits does it bring? When you think of ‘play’, chances are you associate it with children. When we become adults we’re not usually encouraged to play, to mess around and just have fun! Things become ‘serious business’ – work, family, mortgage etc. When was the last timeContinue reading “Play”


Fixed vs Growth Psychologist Carol Dweck studies motivation. Her well known concept of fixed and growth mindsets states that our core beliefs about our abilities and traits greatly impact how we learn. They can either prevent us or enable us to rise to challenges and meet our potential. Fixed mindset – the view that ourContinue reading “Mindset”

Child Well-Being

Child well-being is an important topic that can be impacted (positively or negatively) by the relationships and life experiences a child has. Someone who shares my passion for supporting and enhancing child well-being is my friend Sarah. We completed teacher training together and she has years of experience in the profession working with children ofContinue reading “Child Well-Being”

Positive Screen Time for Children

Young children are increasingly computer literate, they love to spend time online and many parents and schools invest in apps and programs to support and extend academic learning. Why not take some screen time and use it to develop their social and emotional learning? Some great examples of free or low-cost online providers that offerContinue reading “Positive Screen Time for Children”

Well-being Activities for Children

Developing the character and emotional confidence of children is key to a happy and healthy child. Below are some of my favourite simple activities that can be used to promote child well-being. They work well at school, and with a little adaptation, could be equally as useful at home. All of them work even betterContinue reading “Well-being Activities for Children”

Positive Education Resources

Online Resources Raising awareness of positive education is important – few schools are likely to invest time and money in curricula they have no experience of. Exploring the links below will give you a deeper understanding of what positive education is. It’s my hope that they’ll also provide ideas and resources to add to yourContinue reading “Positive Education Resources”