Loneliness Runs “Like a Dark Thread”

Loneliness is a complex emotion – and although it’s likely that we have or will feel lonely at some point in life, our experiences of loneliness are personal to us. The post below is the second by Henny Syers, an experienced educator and positive psychology practitioner who is passionate about social change and the importance ofContinue reading “Loneliness Runs “Like a Dark Thread””

Greater Good in Education

“…skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society – what we call ‘the science of a meaningful life’.” Have you explored the Greater Good in Education website?  It offers a great selection of evidence-based strategies and techniques to integrate social emotional learning and character education into schools. It also champions the creation of positiveContinue reading “Greater Good in Education”

Positive Deviance

What is positive deviance? Positive deviance is an innovative approach to problem solving. It suggests when we need to solve problems in our communities and organisations, we should look to individuals or groups who are ‘positive deviants’ for solutions. Positive deviants face the same (or perhaps worse) challenges/problems as the rest of their community/organisation andContinue reading “Positive Deviance”

Fostering a greater connection

Humans are social creatures – some more than others! Research suggests that some of the happiest people have active social lives and a wide network of friends and family. This network provides us with opportunities to socialise, people to share good news with as well as personal support to reach out to when times areContinue reading “Fostering a greater connection”

Changing good intentions into action

Have you ever wanted to be a little kinder, a little more thoughtful or feel like you were a little more useful? You’ve probably had times when you’ve wished people had been more like that towards you! We often have good intentions but it’s not always easy to follow through and make these a reality.Continue reading “Changing good intentions into action”


What is it? In comparison to other areas within positive psychology, elevation is a less researched concept. However, a review of the empirical literature suggests interest in it is quickly growing. Elevation is classified it as a moral emotion characterised by two features. The first is disinterested elicitors, meaning the emotion is a response toContinue reading “Elevation”

Positive Design

Positive design is the deliberate process of designing with the intention of supporting sustainable human flourishing in individuals and communities. Flourishing comes from experiences of positive emotions, meaning, engagement and purpose in life leading to high satisfaction with life. Designing for happiness creates opportunities for individuals to participate in positive and meaningful experiences (Hassenzahl etContinue reading “Positive Design”

Sustainable Well-being

Well-being encompasses our physical and mental health and the term is often interchanged with happiness or flourishing within positive psychology. People with higher levels of well-being experience more positive than negative emotions, satisfaction with their lives and a sense of meaning. There are many things we have in common with other people that help buildContinue reading “Sustainable Well-being”

The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity and joy. Thank-you Anne for your interest in my blog! Being new to the blogging community, I’m delighted people like yourself are reading and engaging with my posts. For those of you who haven’t seen Anne’s site ‘The Art and Science of Wellbeing’Continue reading