Mindfulness – Teacher Training and Curricula

Mindfulness trains the mind to be aware of what is happening in the moment rather than dwelling on what has already happened or what may happen in the future. It provides us with techniques to note, manage and accept our emotions and enhances our ability to focus. The benefits of regular mindfulness practice are wellContinue reading “Mindfulness – Teacher Training and Curricula”

Positive Design

Positive design is the deliberate process of designing with the intention of supporting sustainable human flourishing in individuals and communities. Flourishing comes from experiences of positive emotions, meaning, engagement and purpose in life leading to high satisfaction with life. Designing for happiness creates opportunities for individuals to participate in positive and meaningful experiences (Hassenzahl etContinue reading “Positive Design”

Positive Psychology Interventions

What are they? Positive psychology interventions (PPIs) offer an opportunity to create deliberate personal change to your outlook and behaviour. There’s more than one definition of what a PPI entails and this lack of clear conceptualisation can lead to criticism. When discussing PPIs, I personally use Sin and Lyubomirsky’s (2009) broad definition: “treatment methods orContinue reading “Positive Psychology Interventions”