Forgiveness isn’t approving what happened. It’s choosing to rise above it. Robin Sharma Making the decision to forgive is a deliberate choice. We don’t have to forgive someone who has e.g. betrayed or upset us – however many of us choose to do this. Of course, the more we feel wronged, the harder it isContinue reading “Forgiveness”

Sleeeeppp… zzz

Sleep. The benefits of getting enough sleep are well known. From health benefits such as stress reduction, lower blood pressure and boosting our immune system to emotional regulation, memory building and just generally making us feel more energetic and upbeat, sleep seems to do it all! There are apps to measure and track how muchContinue reading “Sleeeeppp… zzz”

Child Well-Being

Child well-being is an important topic that can be impacted (positively or negatively) by the relationships and life experiences a child has. Someone who shares my passion for supporting and enhancing child well-being is my friend Sarah. We completed teacher training together and she has years of experience in the profession working with children ofContinue reading “Child Well-Being”

Your Mental Diet

Most of us know what to do to help keep our bodies healthy. We’re aware that lifestyle choices impact on our physical health and things like smoking or over-indulging in alcohol aren’t going to do us any favours. Likewise, it’s drilled into us that junk food should be consumed in moderation and we need toContinue reading “Your Mental Diet”

Explore Your Passions

After learning more about work well-being the other week, I was reminded of my friend Louella who has made well-being a priority in both her work and home life. I met Lou when we worked in the UAE as part of the team opening a new school. It quickly became clear that she was anContinue reading “Explore Your Passions”