Emotions are part of being human. Feelings, thoughts and behaviours are all intertwined with the emotions we have – triggered by a specific event or person in the past, present or future. The same event or person can affect you in a different way than it would someone else – although we may share commonContinue reading “Emotions”

Positive Psychology Interventions

What are they? Positive psychology interventions (PPIs) offer an opportunity to create deliberate personal change to your outlook and behaviour. There’s more than one definition of what a PPI entails and this lack of clear conceptualisation can lead to criticism. When discussing PPIs, I personally use Sin and Lyubomirsky’s (2009) broad definition: “treatment methods orContinue reading “Positive Psychology Interventions”


Gratitude Appreciation, acknowledgement, thankfulness – there are lots of words for gratitude. We often feel grateful when we stop and think about people or things that are meaningful to us – our family, friends, health, jobs… Reflecting on what we do have rather than what we don’t can increase our experiences of positive emotions andContinue reading “Gratitude”