What is it? In comparison to other areas within positive psychology, elevation is a less researched concept. However, a review of the empirical literature suggests interest in it is quickly growing. Elevation is classified it as a moral emotion characterised by two features. The first is disinterested elicitors, meaning the emotion is a response toContinue reading “Elevation”

Consideration for Others

Altruism Altruism is the wish that others are happy. Similar words include selflessness, humanity or consideration for others. Some may question whether there is really anyone who is truly altruistic and selfless. Do we do good things because we have empathy for others and a kind nature, or do we do them to feel goodContinue reading “Consideration for Others”


What does kindness look like to you? Whether it’s in thought or action, kindness has the potential to positively impact your well-being as well as other people’s too. Showing, receiving or even just seeing acts of kindness lifts our mood and improves our connectedness with others. Often, people who experience kindness want to ‘pay itContinue reading “Kindness”