Learn Something New… 12 Short Positive Psychology Videos

The International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) is the leading organization for scholars and practitioners who advance the science of positive psychology and its research-based applications. IPPA has partnered with the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California at Berkeley to produce a series of twelve short interviews with leading positive psychology researchers andContinue reading “Learn Something New… 12 Short Positive Psychology Videos”


Ikigai Ikigai (生き甲斐) is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being.” The word “ikigai” is usually used to indicate the source of value in our life, or the things that make our life meaningful. Finding a balance between pursuing our passions and the practical need to earn a living is not an easy task,Continue reading “Ikigai”

Job Crafting

Why? When was the last time you felt like this at work? Unfortunately many of us feel our job isn’t as interesting or worthwhile as it could be. The practice of ‘job crafting’ helps to make our work more fulfilling and engaging. It encourages us to highlight aspects of our job that fit well withContinue reading “Job Crafting”


This picture is often used to start a discussion. Is the glass half empty or half full? Is it both? What’s your gut tell you and does this really reveal anything about your personality?  Optimism You might know someone (or be someone) who people often notice for their positive take on situations. When something goesContinue reading “Optimism”

Meaning and Purpose

Eudaimonic Well-Being Last time we explored hedonia – one of the pathways to happiness/well-being. Now to look at the second pathway, eudaimonia, in more detail. Eudaimonia: has roots in the Ancient Greek words ‘eu’ meaning good and ‘daimon’ meaning power, fate, lesser deity or guiding spirit. A brief review; eudaimonic well-being comes from actions whichContinue reading “Meaning and Purpose”


Well-being is a buzz word these days. Everyone wants a piece of it and there are endless suggestions on how to get it. How many people do you know that are dabbling in mindfulness and meditation? Earnestly colouring in mandala patterns or partaking in a body scan and breathing exercise after completing their sun salutations?Continue reading “Well-Being”