The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size. Albert Einstein What Is It? Interested, inquisitive, eager to know, intrigued – these are all things you may feel when experiencing curiosity. When you’re curious, you want to learn more about something and may e.g. spend time researching, talking about orContinue reading “Curiosity”


Hope and optimism go hand in hand. Having an optimistic or hopeful attitude means you have confidence that things will go well. You often have a positive approach to or take away from a situation. People who are hopeful or optimistic often experience better moods and have higher well-being than those who are not. WhileContinue reading “Hope”

Free Well-being Resources for Young People During COVID-19 Pandemic

School closures, lockdown and the current worldwide health emergency are undoubtedly causing additional stress and anxiety amongst many young people, parents and educators. An increased amount of time together in confined spaces and home schooling/remote teaching & learning is a reality for many of us. Ideas and activities to support and boost young people’s well-beingContinue reading “Free Well-being Resources for Young People During COVID-19 Pandemic”


Fixed vs Growth Psychologist Carol Dweck studies motivation. Her well known concept of fixed and growth mindsets states that our core beliefs about our abilities and traits greatly impact how we learn. They can either prevent us or enable us to rise to challenges and meet our potential. Fixed mindset – the view that ourContinue reading “Mindset”