Your Best Possible Self

What is It? This is a positive psychology intervention which encourages you to think about your future in a positive and optimistic way. In this future you will be your best possible self, living your best possible life – whatever that may look like to you. How to do it This exercise could be engagedContinue reading “Your Best Possible Self”

Lesson idea: Writing A Letter For A Bad Day

The content below is taken from the Learning Library at IPEN and is by Emily Larson (Director). It is the last of four interlinked lesson ideas I have posted, which focus on raising awareness of how our emotions impact us and the importance of developing emotional intelligence amongst children.  IPEN’s Learning Library has many freeContinue reading “Lesson idea: Writing A Letter For A Bad Day”


This picture is often used to start a discussion. Is the glass half empty or half full? Is it both? What’s your gut tell you and does this really reveal anything about your personality?  Optimism You might know someone (or be someone) who people often notice for their positive take on situations. When something goesContinue reading “Optimism”