Courage has been a desirable and valued characteristic throughout time. Courageous, brave, heroic, strong individuals are celebrated, while those who are perceived to lack this quality are viewed as weak, cowardly, timid, fearful… But is identifying acts of courage that simple? Should we be questioning judgments more – for example, is there more than oneContinue reading “Courage”

Little Boosts

This is a simple and easy opportunity to enhance positive emotions, connection and show appreciation and kindness towards people you care about. It can be used as a one-off activity or over the course of a week. If you find it successful you can revisit it and try it with someone new! Equipment Post itContinue reading “Little Boosts”

Fostering a greater connection

Humans are social creatures – some more than others! Research suggests that some of the happiest people have active social lives and a wide network of friends and family. This network provides us with opportunities to socialise, people to share good news with as well as personal support to reach out to when times areContinue reading “Fostering a greater connection”


What is it? In comparison to other areas within positive psychology, elevation is a less researched concept. However, a review of the empirical literature suggests interest in it is quickly growing. Elevation is classified it as a moral emotion characterised by two features. The first is disinterested elicitors, meaning the emotion is a response toContinue reading “Elevation”