Lesson idea: Negative vs Positive Emotions

The content below is taken from the Learning Library at IPEN and is by Emily Larson (Director). It is the first of four interlinked lesson ideas I will be posting, which focus on raising awareness of how our emotions impact us and the importance of developing emotional intelligence amongst children.  IPEN’s Learning Library has manyContinue reading “Lesson idea: Negative vs Positive Emotions”

Using Strengths Language

The content below is taken from the Learning Library at IPEN and is by Emily Larson (Director), it refers to the VIA character strengths and provides a useful explanation to educators regarding why a shared language of strengths is important. About: This activity involves students thinking about language and being introduced to the language ofContinue reading “Using Strengths Language”

Positive Education Resources

Online Resources Raising awareness of positive education is important – few schools are likely to invest time and money in curricula they have no experience of. Exploring the links below will give you a deeper understanding of what positive education is. It’s my hope that they’ll also provide ideas and resources to add to yourContinue reading “Positive Education Resources”

Positive Education

What is it? Positive education is an approach to education informed by the growing body of evidence behind positive psychology. It values both academic learning and character development, encouraging a focus on well-being. Many areas within positive education overlap with other non-academic skill formation programs such as Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Personal Social Health EducationContinue reading “Positive Education”