WoW! News

When I learnt about WoW! News, I was keen to share it with you. Providing young people with opportunities to access age appropriate and balanced news is so important – WoW! News offers a platform to engage children with current affairs in a more positive and solution focused manner. It’s an invaluable tool that hasContinue reading “WoW! News”

Strength Map

Strength Map This is a simple but effective way to prompt reflection and discussion on your recent use of personal strengths. The visual element highlights concrete times you have used a strength and allows you to reflect on: how you did this, what the outcome was as well as identify what other factors (e.g. socialContinue reading “Strength Map”

Friends and Family

This simple activity is one that I found particularly useful during the last few months when many of us have been separated from family and friends. Birthdays and other occasions that would normally be a great social opportunity have been and gone and it’s not been easy to see loved ones or send a cardContinue reading “Friends and Family”


Emotions are part of being human. Feelings, thoughts and behaviours are all intertwined with the emotions we have – triggered by a specific event or person in the past, present or future. The same event or person can affect you in a different way than it would someone else – although we may share commonContinue reading “Emotions”

Positive Psychology Movie Awards

Can character strengths and well-being be enhanced through the use of films? For over a decade, Ryan Niemiec (psychologist, coach, Education Director of the VIA Institute on Character) has been researching and creating lists of films which showcase key themes from Positive Psychology. He suggests that some films can create ‘cinematic elevation’ – motivating usContinue reading “Positive Psychology Movie Awards”

The Power Of Music

Music and Moods Music has the ability to impact our mood, it can trigger memories and particular lyrics/melodies can especially resonate with us. We all have ‘go to’ choices which make us laugh, smile or get up and move! Create a personal playlist of music which boosts your mood and dip into it whenever youContinue reading “The Power Of Music”