Strength Map

Strength Map This is a simple but effective way to prompt reflection and discussion on your recent use of personal strengths. The visual element highlights concrete times you have used a strength and allows you to reflect on: how you did this, what the outcome was as well as identify what other factors (e.g. socialContinue reading “Strength Map”

Friends and Family

This simple activity is one that I found particularly useful during the last few months when many of us have been separated from family and friends. Birthdays and other occasions that would normally be a great social opportunity have been and gone and it’s not been easy to see loved ones or send a cardContinue reading “Friends and Family”


Savouring involves focusing your attention on a desirable experience. It helps us enjoy and prolong its pleasurable effects. The practice of savouring shares similar core aspects with mindfulness which encourage us to be aware of what is happening in the moment rather than dwelling on what has already happened or what may happen in theContinue reading “Savouring”