Highlighting & Building Strengths in Your Students

The 24 VIA Character Strengths are the best parts of our personality that influence how we think, feel and behave. Everyone has all 24 character strengths, some will be stronger in us than others, giving us a unique character profile. Research shows that just being aware of our character strengths can improve our well-being andContinue reading “Highlighting & Building Strengths in Your Students”

Forest School

The positive impact of being in and connecting with nature is immense. Research suggests that some of the benefits for children accessing a green space include stress and anxiety reduction, enhanced focus, resilience, reduction in behavioural problems and overall improved mental well-being.   Yet, many of our children spend most of their time indoors. WeContinue reading “Forest School”

Positive Education Resources

Online Resources Raising awareness of positive education is important – few schools are likely to invest time and money in curricula they have no experience of. Exploring the links below will give you a deeper understanding of what positive education is. It’s my hope that they’ll also provide ideas and resources to add to yourContinue reading “Positive Education Resources”