If you’re curious how you score on e.g. emotional intelligence, empathy, mindfulness, gratitude or levels of stress and anxiety, the Greater Good Science Center has free online quizzes on these topics and more. You can take them as a one off or set up an account, save your quiz scores and track your progress overContinue reading “Quizzes”

Your Best Possible Self

What is It? This is a positive psychology intervention which encourages you to think about your future in a positive and optimistic way. In this future you will be your best possible self, living your best possible life – whatever that may look like to you. How to do it This exercise could be engagedContinue reading “Your Best Possible Self”

Stress and Anxiety

What can we do when we feel stressed or anxious? This post suggests how we can start to identify what’s making us feel this way and how to channel our energy into proactively beginning to address this. It’s important to note that there’s a huge range of different levels of stress and anxiety felt byContinue reading “Stress and Anxiety”


Savouring involves focusing your attention on a desirable experience. It helps us enjoy and prolong its pleasurable effects. The practice of savouring shares similar core aspects with mindfulness which encourage us to be aware of what is happening in the moment rather than dwelling on what has already happened or what may happen in theContinue reading “Savouring”

Negativity Bias

What Is It? The negativity bias is our tendency to naturally pay attention to and dwell on the negative more than the positive. This is a cognitive trait linked to our survival needs – it was once better to assume that the shadow moving outside the cave was a threat not a friend. It couldContinue reading “Negativity Bias”

Positive Psychology

A little background… Positive psychology was brought to the forefront when Martin Seligman used the term ‘positive psychology’ in his inaugural speech as President of the American Psychological Association in 1999. This set out the perceived need for a change of focus due to the belief that psychology was over-focused on healing mental illness andContinue reading “Positive Psychology”