Are you ready for a hybrid world?

A special inquiry into the long-term impact the accelerated reliance on digital technology over the Covid-19 pandemic may have to our well-being suggests we need to plan for a ‘hybrid world’ (UK Parliament, 2021). This future embraces the flexibility of virtual and face-to-face work, communication and connection and the benefits both can bring – itContinue reading “Are you ready for a hybrid world?”

Fostering a greater connection

Humans are social creatures – some more than others! Research suggests that some of the happiest people have active social lives and a wide network of friends and family. This network provides us with opportunities to socialise, people to share good news with as well as personal support to reach out to when times areContinue reading “Fostering a greater connection”


Play, how do we define it and what benefits does it bring? When you think of ‘play’, chances are you associate it with children. When we become adults we’re not usually encouraged to play, to mess around and just have fun! Things become ‘serious business’ – work, family, mortgage etc. When was the last timeContinue reading “Play”