Highlighting & Building Strengths in Your Students

The 24 VIA Character Strengths are the best parts of our personality that influence how we think, feel and behave. Everyone has all 24 character strengths, some will be stronger in us than others, giving us a unique character profile. Research shows that just being aware of our character strengths can improve our well-being andContinue reading “Highlighting & Building Strengths in Your Students”

Strengths Based Parenting

Building up self-awareness, confidence and resilience is a key part of positive child development. One way to do this is to make children aware of their personal strengths and how they can regularly use them. A previous post about developing children’s strengths explores how you can foster this awareness in more detail. As children becomeContinue reading “Strengths Based Parenting”


Creativity can come in many forms. From the creative expression displayed in e.g. music, art and writing to the creative thinking shown by those that are open to change, who seek out new ideas and can see more than one solution to a challenge. Creativity takes confidence to try things out, a certain level ofContinue reading “Creativity”

Strength Map

Strength Map This is a simple but effective way to prompt reflection and discussion on your recent use of personal strengths. The visual element highlights concrete times you have used a strength and allows you to reflect on: how you did this, what the outcome was as well as identify what other factors (e.g. socialContinue reading “Strength Map”

Johari Window

The Johari Window is a psychological tool developed by Luft & Ingham (1955) which helps us develop self-awareness, better understand how others perceive us and how we present ourselves to the world. The four paned window suggests that there are things which we know and things that we do not know about ourselves. There areContinue reading “Johari Window”

Building Resilience

Here’s a free selection of 19 Articles To Help You To Succeed During Difficult Times written by members of the Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS). They have been designed to support, inspire and offer insight into how we can build our personal and professional resilience as we continue to adapt to changes brought by theContinue reading “Building Resilience”

Positive Deviance

What is positive deviance? Positive deviance is an innovative approach to problem solving. It suggests when we need to solve problems in our communities and organisations, we should look to individuals or groups who are ‘positive deviants’ for solutions. Positive deviants face the same (or perhaps worse) challenges/problems as the rest of their community/organisation andContinue reading “Positive Deviance”

Using Strengths Language

The content below is taken from the Learning Library at IPEN and is by Emily Larson (Director), it refers to the VIA character strengths and provides a useful explanation to educators regarding why a shared language of strengths is important. About: This activity involves students thinking about language and being introduced to the language ofContinue reading “Using Strengths Language”

Talking strengths

If you’ve taken time to identify your personal strengths through reflection, talking to others or using one of the strengths tools available, you’ll probably be thinking – what now? One activity that could be beneficial is talking about your strengths with someone you trust. Talking about ourselves in a positive way and highlighting what weContinue reading “Talking strengths”