Developing A Child’s Strengths

Building up self awareness, confidence and resilience is a key part of positive child development. One way to do this is to make children aware of their personal strengths and how they can regularly use them. Talking about strengths A useful way of starting the conversation about strengths is to ask children to think aboutContinue reading “Developing A Child’s Strengths”

Personal Strengths

We all have strengths. These impact on our behaviour, thoughts, feelings and actions. Recognising our strengths and finding ways to use these in our personal and professional lives provides us with opportunities to actively improve our well-being. Not only do we become more aware of what we enjoy and what we’re good at, studies suggestContinue reading “Personal Strengths”

Job Crafting

Why? When was the last time you felt like this at work? Unfortunately many of us feel our job isn’t as interesting or worthwhile as it could be. The practice of ‘job crafting’ helps to make our work more fulfilling and engaging. It encourages us to highlight aspects of our job that fit well withContinue reading “Job Crafting”

Meaning and Purpose

Eudaimonic Well-Being Last time we explored hedonia – one of the pathways to happiness/well-being. Now to look at the second pathway, eudaimonia, in more detail. Eudaimonia: has roots in the Ancient Greek words ‘eu’ meaning good and ‘daimon’ meaning power, fate, lesser deity or guiding spirit. A brief review; eudaimonic well-being comes from actions whichContinue reading “Meaning and Purpose”