This is an excerpt from a blog post ‘Living in Flow: what is it and how to enter the flow state?’ written by Pr. Ilona Boniwell which originally appeared on her Positran consultancy website. Pr. Boniwell is an expert and leading figure in Positive Psychology. Have you ever spent half an hour searching the internetContinue reading “Flow”

Time Perspective

Time is an invaluable part of life – a finite personal resource. It’s interesting to stop and think about how we use our time. Whether we’re alone, with others, working, learning, active or sedentary, having fun or feeling low – words like ‘spend, waste, take, give, share, manage, invest’ are often used when we talkContinue reading “Time Perspective”

The Happiness Pie

A simple but effective exercise (Frisch, 2005) that provides an opportunity to take time out of your day to reflect on what’s important in your life and think about whether the amount of time and energy you currently dedicate to these areas reflects their personal value to you. Method Draw a large circle (happiness pie)Continue reading “The Happiness Pie”

Explore Your Passions

After learning more about work well-being the other week, I was reminded of my friend Louella who has made well-being a priority in both her work and home life. I met Lou when we worked in the UAE as part of the team opening a new school. It quickly became clear that she was anContinue reading “Explore Your Passions”