Your Best Possible Self

What is It? This is a positive psychology intervention which encourages you to think about your future in a positive and optimistic way. In this future you will be your best possible self, living your best possible life – whatever that may look like to you. How to do it This exercise could be engagedContinue reading “Your Best Possible Self”


Martin Seligman’s well-being framework is one of the most well-known and commonly referred to in positive psychology. In the PERMA model (2011), he identifies five key areas of our lives which impact on our happiness and well-being and suggests that regular participation in activities to enhance these five areas will effectively enhance our overall well-being,Continue reading “PERMA”


Creativity can come in many forms. From the creative expression displayed in e.g. music, art and writing to the creative thinking shown by those that are open to change, who seek out new ideas and can see more than one solution to a challenge. Creativity takes confidence to try things out, a certain level ofContinue reading “Creativity”

Time Perspective

Time is an invaluable part of life – a finite personal resource. It’s interesting to stop and think about how we use our time. Whether we’re alone, with others, working, learning, active or sedentary, having fun or feeling low – words like ‘spend, waste, take, give, share, manage, invest’ are often used when we talkContinue reading “Time Perspective”

Free Guide – Parents and Educators

 “…in order for children and teens to be able to focus and learn well they need to feel safe and supported by the adults around them – physically, socially, psychologically and emotionally.” (Resilience Now For Parents) CEO and founder of ‘Discovering My Purpose’ Laura Garrison-Brook recently shared the free e-book Going Back to School Well: AContinue reading “Free Guide – Parents and Educators”

Anxiety and Children

The post below is taken from GoZen! (20/02/20) and is by Renee Jain (Founder). GoZen! offers lots of paid interactive and animated social and emotional learning programs for children aged 5-15yrs as well as a range of free weekly printables that can be emailed directly to you. It could be a useful resource to addContinue reading “Anxiety and Children”

Emotion Scrapbook

This activity is suitable for both children and adults. It has been designed to encourage you to spend more time acknowledging and savouring the positive emotions you experience.  As well as inspiring you to pay more attention to what creates your emotions, it offers the opportunity to build a personal resource that can be revisited.Continue reading “Emotion Scrapbook”

Johari Window

The Johari Window is a psychological tool developed by Luft & Ingham (1955) which helps us develop self-awareness, better understand how others perceive us and how we present ourselves to the world. The four paned window suggests that there are things which we know and things that we do not know about ourselves. There areContinue reading “Johari Window”